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Wild Adapter: Dice 32

And that, I think, pretty much concludes the more recent Chara stuff. Yay!
I will not play 'spot the Burial parallels'. I will not play 'spot the Burial parallels'. I will not play...

Wild Adapter is Minekura's, mistakes are mine, corrections and comments are more than welcome.

Wild Adapter: Dice 32
translation by eoan


S: ... he's still not here.

T: You sure this was the right place?

S: It's strange, we've waited so long, too

S* The Kubota-san on the phone earlier -- he had a voice like he was being crushed to death.

S* What did he mean by he 'can't come home'? And his glasses -- he's not the sort of person who would break them carelessly.

S: I wonder if something really bad happened.

T: Something like what?


S: I don't know, but...

S: But I... I don't know anything about him. Noting at all. Niichan, do you know something?

T: --!!

T: No.... I don't know anything

K* -- I won't touch you.

K* If you can't stand it, I won't touch you

T: That's why I came.

T* That's right, I...

T* I want to know



S: !? Niichan!?

Yakuza: -- Find him!!

*tatan tatan*

*tatan tatan*

Y: ... you've given us a lot of trouble. There's nowhere else to run to, is there, oniichan -- no [1]

Y: It's 'Kubota', ain't it?

T: ... speaking of which


T: As you just sort of appeared without any greetings at all... may I ask to whom it is I am speaking?

Y: There's no need for you to know that

Y: For some cheeky little brat to be doing business on our strip lately without any permission is just--

Y: Well. We thought we'd teach you the rules that grownups play by.

K* ... I really failed, didn't I

K* Attempts to pick a fight like this happen often enough, and

K* among other things, I have a fracture that hasn't healed. Though even normally, I'd be choking in a situation like this

Y: ... Hey, did we say that we were gonna let you off the hook just from thinking about what you did wrong?


Y: Though maybe if you hadn't taken out three of our guys earlier, things would've been different

K* -- what was I doing, facing off against them

K* Was it because I was thinking, 'I want to hurry up and go home'...?

Y: Don't start thinking you'll be going home all in one piece

Y: After all, you went and left the Izumokai, right!!

Y: Working on a guy's strip without any backup at all, that's almost too stupid to be true!!!


S* We finally found Kubota-san, only to see him surrounded by people from the yakuza

S* ... I don't really understand the details, but

S* I understood that he was a person who was involved in those kinds of things

T: -- Kubo-chan!!

S: Shh!!


S* But somehow, I just thought 'it figures', and

S* ... for some reason, I wasn't really surprised

Y: ga!!


Y: You bastard .... !!

Y: gaah ... !!


T: His arm --

T: You mean that guy still hasn't healed his arm!!?


T: -- !!

S: The police... That's right, let's call the police!!

T: -- they wouldn't make it in time, even if we could call them right now!!

S: ~~ niichan!?


S: Even if you can go out there, what do you think you can do!?

S: It's no use, let's run away!!

T* 'Run away' --?

T* .. that's right, I

T* I was always running away

T* From 'something' --

T: -- didn't you say it yourself?

T* I was running from myself

T: 'You don't have to run away anymore'.


S: -- niichan!!

Y: ?

K: !!



Y: Wha...?

Y: gaaf

Y: ~~ what the hell is with this brat!?

T: -- !!

K: -- Tokitoh!!


Y: ... huh?


Y: geef

Y: gaaah!!

S: Wow...

T: Run, Kubo-chan!!

Y: He....

S* -- that's right, I'd forgotten

Y: Hey, stop right there...!!


S* about Tokitoh-niichan's right hand

S: -- ha haa

T: ze

S: ... ha----.

T: ... they probably won't follow us any more, right

K: -- Tokitoh, why did you come?

S: ~~~ I'm really sor

T: -- Like hell we're sorry.


T: Thinking that I'd do nothing but wait was a huge mistake

T: This weird hand is good for something after all -- and I've

T: I've stopped running away.


S* -- I think Kubota-san

S* really wants to cherish Tokitoh-niichan

S* It's just that he doesn't know to do it

T: -- Kubo-chan, your wounds


T: Your head got hit before, didn't it

K: -- ah, it's fine. I'll do it myself.

K: ... You said it, right? 'Don't touch me'.

S* Like a cat that's too much for him because, though he picked it up, he's never looked after one before

T: ......


S* After that, I thought a lot about the character called 'Kubota-san'

S* though those thoughts were just my own assumptions

S* -- Lately, when it gets late at night, I've realized that

S* mom and dad have been talking about divorce


S* But they haven't asked for anything from me

S* -- they won't ask

S* If I were to touch that, I feel that, at that moment, something would break

K: ... Tokitoh?


T: ~~~~~~

T: Ow .... !!

K: ... what is it?

T: ...... it's... noth...ing....

T: .. it'll be fine in a moment --


S* ... I can't touch it

S* because I'm afraid it could break


S* People who, for the first time, become afraid of losing something realize, "That's something that's important to me."

[1] As a general note, I've taken more liberties with a lot of the yakuza text than I usually do, to try and get the right tone and to make up for the fact that I'm not as good with the dialect's nuances as I could be.
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